McGowan Environmental Engineering is an established contractor with a proven track-record in delivering an extensive range of civil and environmental engineering projects for public and private sector clients across the UK & Ireland.

We are regularly operating within Sites of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), Special Areas of Conservation (SAC), Special Protection Areas (SPA), Natural Nature Reserves (NNR) and National Parks. We have built strong working relationships with industry organisations such as NatureScot (formerly known as Scottish National Heritage), Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA), Historic Environment Scotland, Forestry & Land Scotland and many Local Authorities.

The Energy and Utilities sectors have become key markets for McGowan Environmental Engineering. In recent years we have been involved in the delivery of numerous Access Infrastructure, Hydro Energy Schemes and Cable & Pipe Laying projects for companies operating in Renewable Energy, Power Generation and the Distribution & Transmission Networks. We have already built strong working relationships with industry organisations such as Scottish & Southern Electricity Networks (SSEN).

In 2020 Scotland generated enough electricity from renewable sources to meet the equivalent of 97.4% of its total electricity consumption, compared to only 27.2% in 2009 and 37.0% in 2011. Industry body Scottish Renewables state that output has tripled in the last 10 years, with enough power for the equivalent of seven million households.

Access Infrastructure

McGowan Environmental Engineering has played a key role in the delivery and maintenance of access infrastructure for public and private sector clients involved in renewable energy, forestry management, distribution & transmission networks and utilities. These projects are often situated in remote and challenging locations and our experienced team will ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

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Bridges & Structures

McGowan Environmental Engineering offer an award-winning bridge design and installation service. Our specialist engineers and qualified construction personnel have extensive experience in designing, building and installing a wide variety of structures, often in rural locations and within protected environments. We can provide all associated ancillary work including abutment and approach road construction.

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Cable & Pipe Laying

McGowan Environmental Engineering has the necessary expertise, specialist equipment and accreditations to install cable, ducting and pipework for clients across the UK & Ireland. We have a proven track-record in the Energy and Utility sectors having installed hundreds of miles of cable and pipework for development projects in renewable energy, distribution & transmission networks and utilities.

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Coastal Protection

McGowan Environmental Engineering have developed strong working relationships with public sector and government agencies to deliver sustainable and sensitive project solutions, using a range of natural materials with minimal environmental impact. Projects often involve the use of large equipment and machinery to remove and replace materials, reinforcing the landscape to protect against future damage.

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Hydro Energy Schemes

McGowan Environmental Engineering has delivered many hydro energy schemes and provided a range of services such as access infrastructure, penstock and outfall installation, temporary burn diversion, turbine house construction and the installation of cables and pipework. These are often complex engineering projects in fragile and challenging environments, requiring extensive planning and careful execution.

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Paths & Cycleways

McGowan Environmental Engineering has constructed and repaired many paths and cycleways for clients across the UK & Ireland. While these projects can often be situated in spectacular locations, they can also provide many challenges and extensive pre-planning is essential to accommodate; travel to-and-from site, delivery of materials (often done by helicopter), weather conditions and appropriate public safety measures.

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Peatland Restoration

McGowan Environmental Engineering has a proven track-record in restoring peatland and moorland habitats. We have specialist equipment such as low ground pressure excavators, ensuring we can continue to support national conservation projects, often located in isolated and protected environments. We provide innovative design solutions and temporary roadways to help restore natural habitats and increase biodiversity.

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River Restoration & Flood Prevention

McGowan Environmental Engineering has undertaken a wide range of river restoration and flood prevention projects. We utilise natural processes and environmentally sensitive construction techniques to reduce pollution, protect the surrounding landscapes and improve the natural habitat for wildlife. We have extensive experience of re-profiling embankments, installing rock rolls and re-aligning water channels.

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