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INFRASTRUCTURE: McGowan Presents Eco Cable Protect UK Ltd

6 June 2022

McGowan Environmental Engineering, in partnership with Cable Protect Europe, is proud to present Eco Cable Protect UK. Earlier this year, McGowan secured the exclusive rights to use this new technology, providing innovative cable protection and installation solutions for the UK’s onshore energy and utility industries.

Eco Cable Protect UK provides efficient and effective wrapping solutions for onshore cable, wire and pipe laying projects. It allows on-site preparation, production and installation, reducing project delivery times whilst increasing performance and profitability. Not only will Eco Cable Protect UK save time and money, but it will also reduce the carbon footprint and environmental impact of delivering underground service connections.

Ross McGowan, Founder of McGowan Environmental Engineering, said:

“Since I started the company in 2009, I have always been keen to look at new approaches and identify better ways of doing things. Having been introduced to Cable Protect Europe, it was clear that the cable wrap technology could make a major impact in the UK. We moved quickly to invest, secure the rights, and am now delighted to introduce Eco Cable Protect UK to the market.”

Theo Saathoff, Founder of Cable Protect Europe, added:

“McGowan is a perfect partner for us in the UK. The company already has an excellent reputation in the industry and their commitment to providing a quality service is consistent with our own. We are encouraged with the levels of interest shown from companies and contractors across the UK and very much look forward to developing our close working relationship with McGowan.”

The new cable wrap system was used for the first time at Burn of Whilk (Caithness), and it has also recently been deployed at Moy (near Inverness), where McGowan have installed 81-kilometers of 33kV cabling for SSEN Distribution at the windfarms.

The innovative cable protection system from Eco Cable Protect UK provides a cheaper, quicker and more environmentally friendly alternative to traditional methods. For more information on Eco Cable Protect UK please visit

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