McGowan Care Values

Welton Farm, situated on the South riverbank of the River Ericht in Blairgowrie had been severely affected by recent storm events causing significant erosion to the embankment. The fluvial erosion had unveiled that the embankment was a historic landfill site and the waste was being washed out and distributed further along the river. McGowan Ltd undertook the removal of the historic landfill waste and ensured that the waste material was separated and appropriately recycled.

Location: Welton Farm, Blairgowrie
Type of works: Landfill Restoration and Riverbank erosion restoration

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McGowan ltd saw the opportunity to provide a second life for the historic landfill material by separating and recycling the waste appropriately. Our site teams objective was to hand pick the plastics, timber and metals from the conveyor belt of the loaded Trommel to enable separation of the recyclable materials that were destined for landfill. By our engagement with a waste management company, who specialises in the recycling of material, we had reassurance that the historic waste would now enter into the recycle loop and be diverted from further landfill.

To prevent further exposure of the waste behind the embankment we installed a suitable capping layer. The embankment was then re-profiled using multiple green engineering techniques to provide stability and prevent further erosion. These included the installation of nine root wads sourced from the clearance of the trees that were part of the works as agreed with the landowner, into the embankment at 5m centres, coir matting and the provision of live willow trees.

Live willow planting and grass seeding were undertaken to further encourage rapid vegetation establishment along the new re-profiled embankment. Additional remediation planting of crab apple trees and hawthorn trees along the top of the embankment will provide encouragement of bees and other wildlife to flourish.

All Works were undertaken in line with SEPA Guidance and Contract Specification.