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The Tweed Forum, in collaboration with the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) proposed to undertake works to set back a large embankment and undertake bank reprofiling on the River Nith at Castlemains, New Cumnock. Following a successful tendering process based on best value and previous experience McGowan were awarded the project to undertake the proposed works.

Location: New Cumnock
Type of works: Riverbank Works

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A flood event in December 2013 breached the embankment on river right, resulting in significant flooding and a large volume of sediment being deposited throughout the southern floodplain.

In late 2018 McGowan were awarded the project to reprofile and setback 900mt of the existing river embankments by 20-40mt.

McGowan engaged the services of ‘cbec’ to undertake the final design of the new setback embankments, and ‘Walking the Talk’ to provide ecological expertise and input during the project.

The new set-back embankment was designed to reduce flood frequency on the protected areas of the floodplain to minimise the likelihood of a future embankment breach.

Programming of works were affected by spawning fish within the river, with further mitigations being adopted to protect bats, badgers, water voles and otters within the works areas during the construction phase.