McGowan Care Values

A Scottish Natural Heritage / Pearls in Peril Project to improve in river habitats for endangered Freshwater Pearl Mussels within the River Dee.

Location: Aberdeenshire
Type of works: River Enhancement
Contract Value: £23,000

Download this Case Study (PDF)

Project Notes:

  • Total of 9nr Croys were removed from the River Dee. Rocks from 5nr croys were re-located within the deeper River channel to provide shelter for Freshwater Mussels and young salmon during high river flow
  • Rocks varying in size up to 5 ton maximum were relocated using tractor and winch line and hand winch
  • Works were undertaken under strict SEPA CAR License stipulations
  • Existing freshwater Pearl Mussels were relocated by Licensed persons prior to works being undertaken
  • Works undertaken under full time supervision of SNH/PiP staff, with periodic inspections also being undertaken by the Scottish Fisheries Board
  • Silt Mitigation and water pollution controls were adopted during the works