McGowan Care Values

Continuing company’s working relationship with Scottish Natural Heritage, McGowan Ltd were awarded the construction of a new 4415m track to Kilmory on the Isle of Rum NNR, a highly designated area - SSSI,SAC,SPA and forms part of the Small Isles National Scenic Area.

Location: Isle of Rum
Type of works: Track Works NNR
Contract Value: £178,000

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Project Notes:

  • Logistical planning for plant, vehicles, fuel, and labour requirements onto & off  the island
  • SEARS Bio-security protocols adopted
  • 4,415 metres of new  track formation c/w side ditch
  • 41nr 450mm dia. Twin walled culverts c/w stone headwalls installed along track route. Detailed silt management plan in place
  • All material sourced from on site borrow pits
  • Popular tourist/visitor Trail – Use of path closures / diversions & Site Safety Signage
  • Endangered flora – Protection zones created and works undertaken under license
  • Silt mitigation method adopted along route to control silt pollution