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Following the completion of the new Farigaig sub station, the Client SSE wished remedial works to be undertaken to the adjacent burn to stabilise the existing eroded burn banks and prevent future burn erosion problems.

Location: Inverness area
Type of works: Burn Restoration Works

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McGowan Ltd were approached to undertake the restoration works to the existing burn, as the existing burn banks were badly eroded though high water levels during heavy rains in the area.

Throughout the reinstatement works silt mitigation methods were adopted on site and were inspected and maintained on a daily basis throughout the construction phase.

Working to Client’s design brief, suitable stone was sourced and selected for use in the formation of In-Burn step pools and burn edge protection.

Existing eroded riverbanks were carefully re-graded to provide a more natural appearance, thereafter new graded areas were protected from future high water levels through the installation of jute and coir matting.

Final works so the reinstatement of immediate surrounds using site won turves and vegetation to provide a natural finish to the project.