McGowan Care Values

Working in all weathers, the McGowan team carried out vital repairs on a significantly eroded section of the tourist path climbing Ben Nevis; the work involved a 3km hike to the site and back each day, and airborne deliveries of rock.

Location: Ben Nevis
Type of works: Path restoration
Contract Value: £170,000

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The mountain tourist path leading up Ben Nevis was suffering from severe erosion problems, resulting in McGowan being contracted by The Nevis Partnership to carry out repair and strengthening works to improve the route in time for the main 2016 season. The work was carried out in the early months of the year, with a brief to make sure that the restored path looked as natural as possible.

The tourist path was in major structural disarray, and the path inaccessible by road, so McGowan’s solution was to transport large quantities of stone by helicopter so that the team of eight, often working in snowy conditions, could work to upgrade the footpaths in the worst affected areas. 

Every day, the team walked the 3km up to the section of the path requiring repair, taking advantage wherever possible of good spells of weather to get the path into great shape, while maintaining its environmental integrity. The thousands of visitors who use the path can now enjoy the magnificent environment from a newly restored route up the mountain.