With a background in civil engineering and environmental management, Ross McGowan recognised a need for a contracting solution which paid more attention to minimising the impact of construction projects in the rural environment. In 2009 he started McGowan Environmental Engineering and from day one, the ethos and commitment has always been about quality and caring. We care passionately about safety, our clients, the environment and our workforce. The CARE Values are the foundation of the business and these important beliefs are shared across all operations.


Care About Safety

McGowan Environmental Engineering is fully committed to providing a safe working environment for our people and the public. We continue to invest time and money in Health & Safety and have bolstered our in-house team in recent years, to help ensure all safety and quality standards are fully recognised and embedded across the company.

We operate an Integrated Management System and our processes, procedures and policies are continually reviewed to ensure compliance with legislation and the achievement of industry-recognised accreditation standards. We are proud of our Health & Safety performance and track-record across all operations.


Appreciate Our Clients

McGowan Environmental Engineering offers a range of specialised services to clients across the UK & Ireland. Our underlying focus is to deliver quality and value, where we can earn trust and develop longer-term, mutually beneficial working relationships.

Every client and project is different, which is why we offer bespoke solutions with a tailored service offering, delivered by a dedicated and skilled project team. We respect our clients and the environment, taking great pride in who we are, what we do and how we do it.


Respect The Environment

We pride ourselves on being Naturally Different through our environmentally sensitive and sympathetic approach. Our projects are often located in fragile and protected environments and through positive reinstatement we always strive to minimise any impact, increase biodiversity and restore natural habitats.

McGowan Environmental Engineering recognises that it has an important role to play in combating the global climate crisis. In addition to the environmental work we do for clients, we are also embarking on various green initiatives with the aim of reducing our own carbon footprint and becoming carbon neutral within five years.


Empower Our Workforce

Since McGowan Environmental Engineering was created in 2009 we have continued to grow organically and are fully committed to nurturing, training and developing our workforce. While we invest in young people and offer modern apprenticeships, we also offer opportunities for promotion and career development throughout the company.

Our headquarters are situated in the Cairngorms National Park where we are a significant employer with the majority of our people living in the surrounding rural area. As a family business we recognise the importance of community engagement and wherever possible will offer support to local organisations, events and initiatives.